Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, I've always possessed a keen interest in exploring the world and seeking to understand it. A curiosity that led me to live in the USA for a year at the age of 16. Beyond learning English, this experience opened a new horizon. I returned with a conviction: nothing is impossible if you truly try, and believing in yourself is half the journey. With this new perspective, I discovered my passion for photography and embroidery.
As I honed my artistic skills, I collaborated with various companies, addressing their needs in projects that spanned portraits, aerial and architectural photography, events, and more – a portfolio available here; at Concurrently, I launched my clothing line, SCSC, partnered with other brands to incorporate the art of embroidery into their collections, and had the honor of serving as an official artist for the '"Primart" runway in partnership with the city of Geneva.
However, I desired to delve into a field that would fuel my entrepreneurial aspirations and develop my interpersonal skills. In this pursuit, EHL Hospitality Business School was the perfect choice. Thus, following a fantastic experience with ACCOR's INSPIRE program, where I had the exceptional opportunity to work for a year at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in various roles such as Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, and Culinary sectors, I embarked on my journey at this prestigious institution.

Clients : 
Tedx Lausanne - Groupe Jaer Sàrl - Acutim SA - Les Collectives Neuchâteloises Sàrl - Solution 7 Sàrl - Agroscope - Boulangerie Philippe Taillé - SCSC - Beda - Klingtee massage - Lai Thai massage - Sabai massage - Mixology Committee - Young Hospitality Summit - Smash Podcast - ACCOR
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